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Why is it considered as a drawback during marriage? This is called “Mangal Drushti”. Let’s see what are the repercussions of mars located in these houses. Whichever house it is located or has its drushti, effects of Mangal are experienced in the aspects of life represented by that house. Of course these are very broad guidelines. Many other angles need to be studied like the overall quality of the horoscope, power of the planets, aspects of the planets etc

Free Lal kitab Horoscope. Your free Lal Kitab horoscope has your Lal Kitab kundali and some basic charts from your horoscope. If you want detailed Lal kitab horoscope with predictions and remedies get our Premium Lal Kitab Report.

Parent enquires about family background, education, physical appearance before choosing the bride and groom for their son and daughter, respectively. Between all these criteria, horoscope compatibility should not be ignored. It provides the assurance for happy married life by matching the kundli of boy and girl. Find out compatibility between you and your partner or potential partner using our scientific horoscope compatibility finder based on ancient astrology principles.

Future is not in our hand but horoscope matching can open the door for shining future by proving marriage as the best decision of your life. Horoscope compatibility becomes more essential in case of Manglik Dosa of Kundli. Horoscope compatibility is decided on the basis of Guna Milan or Ashtakoot Milan. It is regarded that more points in guna milap, assure the chances of success of marriage.

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Hindu families generally act according to the dictates of the horoscope. Marriages, at times, get abnormally delayed due to such problems. There may be reasons why these houses have been given importance in match-making.

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Secrets of Chart Analysis: The practical method of natal astrology most reliable and time saving is presented here, based mainly on BPHS. Take three charts at first: Then, find out the five Vimshottari planets of D1 and relevant divisional. Thereafter, compare the main strengths of Vimshottari planets of D1 and relevant divisional. Main strength is given at right hand side of each enlarged chart in Kundalee software, indicating main strengths in numbers: Neecha debilitated planet sometimes gives good and strong results because it gets controlled easily by strong relatives due to its weakness.

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Related Images “Matchmaking Rashi Nakshatra” pics: Matchmaking by nakshatra – Clyde Marine Recruitment In the 27 Nakshatra post I had desciped the Nakshatras, now you will understand rhe relation between Nakshatra and Rashi, Matchmaking is a very important. Each Rashi represents its own symbol.

Vedic Astrology. Kundli calculations and analysis based on Vedic principles. Match Making. Compatibility analysis using both Vedic & Western methods. Hindu Calendar. Complete Panchang with muhurta and various regional options. PDF Horoscope. Single API to get the horoscope in PDF format with customization. Demo; Api.

Predictions in AstroLight 1. Predictions in our Oriya Kundli software cover the following: Analysis of the first house, for predictions on personality, physical structure, status. Analysis of the fourth house, for predictions on property, education, etc. Analysis of the seventh house, for predictions on marriage and married life. Analysis of the ninth house, for predictions on fortune, prosperity, inheritance, etc.

Predictions for apahara bhukti are also given for twenty five years.


Ashta kootas and kuja dosha are one side of the story. There are giant planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, etc which should be given top priority. Vedic Astrology comparison of horoscopes of husband and wife according to Melaapakam or Guna melan along with consideration of kuja dosha is needed. Planetary friendship should be given highest importance over the above all. Marriages are made in heaven is not correct. This is so interpreted by the people that the marriages of human beings are conducted in heaven by gods before the couple is sent to the earth.

Take a good woman. Perform horoscope matching and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings. Match. Advanced settings you the matrimonial matchmaking in hindi – world’s no. House suggests that it could not easy for a man in hindi match making, kundli matching or kundli matchmaking by name for a match.

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Then also, we attempt to decipher the tactics of fate. If you want to know will you have a love marriage or arranged marriage, you can try our services. Our Astrology services are helpful to you. Moving of love marriage row with luck line point to the luck of the being obtain authorize with a caress of the story which come into view from the natural world of soft Moon as this line creates from Moon mount merely.

When the caress of romance encourages the luck of the being, the situations obtain converted into marriage.

20 hrs · Bhrigoo AI App: Know everything about # astrology, rasi, kundali, fast, festival, vastu, gemstones and much more with this one # app.

Predictions in AstroLight 1. Predictions in our Gujarati Kundli software cover the following: Analysis of the first house, for predictions on personality, physical structure, status. Analysis of the fourth house, for predictions on property, education, etc. Analysis of the seventh house,predictions on marriage and married life Analysis of the ninth house, for predictions on fortune, prosperity, inheritance, etc.

Predictions for apahara bhukti are also given for twenty five years.

How to do marriage compatibility the easy way in Vedic Astrology