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A bogus movie sent to Murdock as part of his escape stars ” Reginald Barclay ,” which had been played by the original Murdock Dwight Schultz. Schultz himself appeared in an after-credits scene involving Murdock. Pet Detective — does impressions of several characters from Star Trek: While investigating an empty pool for clues as to the abduction of Snowflake, the dolphin mascot for the Miami Dolphins, Ace impersonates Captain Kirk , holding his sunglasses as though they were a communicator. As Kirk, Ace “records” a log entry into his sunglasses, complete with William Shatner ‘s clipped dialogue, stating: If I have to tear this universe another black hole, I’m going to find it. The Sequel While the original Airplane! The doors aboard the Mayflower hiss open with the same sound effect used for the doors on the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. The Mayflower is equipped a “worp drive” sic , an obvious reference to Star Trek’s warp drive.


Rosemont College, Montgomery Ave. Meet editors and agents who will review and offer feedback on your work bring up to 5 pages of fiction, poetry, or nonfiction to review and discuss. Due to the construction of the new Rosemont Community Center, disability access will not be available to the library or the cafeteria. No food or beverages are allowed in Rotwitt Theater. Open speed date sessions will run in the morning.

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A radio message from the Andromeda galaxy, over a million light years away, is picked up by a radio telescope, and turns out to be the blueprints and assembly instructions for an alien supercomputer. When the supercomputer is turned on, it builds a beautiful woman, whose mind is partly alien. There was a sequel, about a second Andromeda computer being assembled in South America, with pretty much the same production team, but with Susan Hampshire replacing Julie Christie.

The sequel series’ title was “The Andromeda Breakthrough. Me Human, You Alien: Explains a lot of recent history, doesn’t it? Based on Sax Rohmer’s fictional creations of , there is a politically incorrect tinge of “yellow peril” racism in these episodes today, which was also common in the Australian science fiction of its day. Silent movies, and then sound movies of preceded this show, as did the radio serial which began in — was it just a coincidence that the Stock market then crashed?

A TV pilot starring Sir Cedric Hardwicke was produced in , but was not picked up for either network or syndication. Christopher Lee starred in several British films of the s, and a feature film of starred Peter Sellers — the last film completed before his untimely death. ALF “Alien Life Form” , a year-old furball with attitude, escaped the explosive destruction of his home planet Melmac as did Kal-El escape the explosion of Krypton to become Superman.

ALF crashed into the Tanner’s garage, and became part of their family.

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Listen, it’s not that I don’t understand what 2 Chainz was trying to do here. Throughout this entire song, he does that thing where you insert an extra sound or word into the middle of otherwise normal words. Like how all the soccer moms in your life still say “shizit. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Well, what you see above is simply another example of that — the only difference being that in this case, he’s trying to say the word “puss” in a way that will never, ever ever sound like anything other than “penis.

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They are considered promising because they can be derived from biological matter via established and new processes. In addition, many of their physical-chemical properties are compatible with the requirements of modern engines, which make them attractive either as replacements for fossil fuels or as fuel additives. Indeed, alcohol fuels have been used since the early years of automobile production, particularly in Brazil, where ethanol has a long history of use as an automobile fuel. Recently, increasing attention has been paid to the use of non-petroleum-based fuels made from biological sources, including alcohols predominantly ethanol , as important liquid biofuels.

Today, the ethanol fuel that is offered in the market is mainly made from sugar cane or corn. Its production as a first-generation biofuel, especially in North America, has been associated with publicly discussed drawbacks, such as reduction in the food supply, need for fertilization, extensive water usage, and other ecological concerns. More environmentally friendly processes are being considered to produce alcohols from inedible plants or plant parts on wasteland. While biofuel production and its use especially ethanol and biodiesel in internal combustion engines have been the focus of several recent reviews, a dedicated overview and summary of research on alcohol combustion chemistry is still lacking.

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Ghost in the Shell: She must therefore have ended her five years of military training in , and she must have been born at least 18 years earlier, in at the least. She was turned into a cyborg at age 5, thus in

dvd. extra weird sampler. beauties and the beast box set. box of blood 3dvd set (bloody pit of horror, carnival of blood, curse of the headless horseman, blood suckers, bloodthirst).

His family confirmed the news to CBS News , saying he was in Chicago at the time of his death, though did not disclose a cause of death. Edwards, who was born February 3rd, in Birmingham, Alabama and was singing in the Contours prior to the Temptations, joined the soul hit makers when the group fired David Ruffin. He brought a fresh vivacity to the group’s sound, a bit of grit to replace Ruffin’s smooth falsetto.

The group adopted a little more of a bluesy, soul-rock sound and began writing lyrics that spoke more to the social issues of the time, and it scored an immediate hit with the Sly Stone-like “Cloud Nine. Nevertheless, they were selling albums. Every album of new material that they put out through reached the album chart’s Top 40, and many made it into the Top The group split with Motown for ‘s The Temptations Do the Temptations and moved to Atlantic, around which time Edwards left the group.

He rejoined for a few years in the early Eighties, when they returned to Motown, and scored a hit again with ‘s “Power. Ruffin returned in , and the group embarked on a reunion tour as a seven-man group, scoring a hit with ‘s Reunion and the Rick James—produced single “Standing on the Top Part 1. He’d join again for a final tenure from to The song later became fodder for the hip-hop’s nascent new school, appearing as a sample in Eric B.

Edwards also later teamed with Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks for a “Tribute to the Temptations” package tour. The group later attempted to keep Edwards from using the Temptations name, which was owned by Otis Williams and Melvin Franklin, leading to a permanent injunction against him in from using the name in advertising for his concerts. This story is developing.

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He’s the pioneer of the effects-driven action spectacle and the conversion from celluloid to digital, the two trends that, for better and worse, have defined Hollywood’s output for nearly 20 years. As ubiquitous as Lucas and his creations loom in our cinematic dreamscapes, there’s still a lot that most people don’t know about him, from how he got his start to the famous folks who mentored him or were mentored by him, from the size of his fortune to what he plans to do now that he’s all but out of the “Star Wars” business.

Here are 25 pieces of little-known Lucas lore, Enjoy, and May the 14th be with you. Like Luke Skywalker, Lucas was a speed demon as a youth. In fact, he dreamed of being a race car driver until, as a teen, he was involved in a near-fatal crash. Nonetheless, his interest in racing persisted, but only as a subject for films, from some of his student shorts to the drag race at the climax of ” American Graffiti ” to the pod race in ” Star Wars:

II 37 Blanc Speed Tri X W “The biggest value of bringing on a hired gun for your dating life can be summed up pretty easily: ‘Dating is a numbers game. We essentially go on bad dates for people."” We essentially go on bad dates for people."”.

Over the last seven years Sci-Fi Speed Dating has produced an impressive number of marriages, engagements, babies, and relationships. Because I am truly terrible at interviewing people, my conversation with Ryan quickly turned into my own monologue about the stress of being a geek girl in the dating scene. It was at this point that Ryan suggested I participate in the 3pm session. For the most part, Sci-Fi Speed Dating is like any other speed dating experiences. Ryan runs the whole show and is very clearly in favor of the experience being safe and comfortable for the women participating.

Before beginning he speaks to all of the female participants and tells them that if they are having problems with any of the gentlemen to let him know.

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Add your rating See all 45 kid reviews. Copy-store clerk Jerry Shaw Shia LaBeouf and single mother Rachel Holloman Michelle Monaghan are mysteriously “activated” into a secret, illegal mission by a cell phone call. Neither wants to comply with the female voice giving them dangerous directives via phones and digital signs, but “she” has framed Jerry — who’s now a suspected terrorist — and threatens to kill Rachel’s son, who’s on a school trip to D.

While Jerry and Rachel go around Chicago committing felony after felony as instructed, an FBI agent Billy Bob Thornton and Air Force investigator Rosario Dawson try to figure out why this seemingly normal duo have turned into super criminals. Continue reading Show less Is it any good?

Star Trek is a American space opera film directed by J. J. Abrams and written by Roberto Orci and Alex is the eleventh film in the Star Trek film franchise, and is also a reboot that features the main characters of the original Star Trek television series portrayed by a new cast, as the first in the rebooted film series. The film follows James T. Kirk and Spock (Zachary Quinto.

A coroner said Thursday Sept. A police officer told the inquest at Westminster Coroner’s Court that O’Riordan was found submerged in her bathtub at a London hotel on Jan. The year-old singer didn’t leave a note and there was no evidence of self-harm. Five miniature alcohol bottles and a bottle of champagne were found in the room, and toxicology tests revealed a blood alcohol level four times the legal limit for driving.

Coroner Shirley Radcliffe said O’Riordan died from drowning due to alcohol intoxication. Inquests are held in Britain to determine the facts in sudden, violent or unexplained deaths. O’Riordan’s inquest was held on what would have been her 47th birthday. The Cranberries formed in the Irish city of Limerick at the end of the s and had international hits in the ’90s with songs including “Dream,” ”Linger” and “Zombie.

The Cranberries cut short a world tour in because of the singer’s back problems.

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A pal of mine now, sadly, no longer with us provided me with a fresh copy. The last time around, this item led to a discussion of my rickety computer set up. The host segments are hit and miss, for one thing. Or is it plans? The last time through I pointed to this site, which does a pretty good job of explaining what the heck is going on , but even he gets confused.

WGN-TV, virtual channel 9 (UHF digital channel 19), is an independent television station licensed to Chicago, Illinois, United States, serving as the flagship television property of the Tribune Broadcasting subsidiary of Tribune Media, which also owns radio station WGN ( AM) and local cable news channel Chicagoland Television (CLTV). The station’s second digital subchannel serves as an.

A former girlfriend of Illinois state Rep. Nick would use this account to direct message men with my photos to engage in graphic conversations of a sexual nature. The men believed they were communicating with me and Nick shared private details of my life. Sauer, who is seeking re-election to a second term in a legislative district that includes the posh northern suburb of Barrington, declined to comment for this story. She moved to Chicago from California in June to be closer to him but the couple broke up in March , after Kelly says she discovered he had been dating other women.

They want prescription drug prices publicized. Trump, it turns out, has been pushing the same idea. Lou Weisbach, who spent years fundraising for former President Bill Clinton, is now pulling some strings in Hollywood. The group recently toured Europe. Music will be a great part of the film, according to Kim Sledge, who spoke to Variety. Weisbach also works on philanthropic efforts to promote a national health care system.

Griffin is CEO of Chicago-based Citadel hedge fund company and a philanthropist who has funded numerous art and civic projects around Chicago. Story here — Clinton County candidate caught mocking Hispanic girl. He says it was just a joke.

Geek Love: Ep. 2 — Faux Real? Beauty Is The Geek! (Casey Anne)