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Freight Car Fridays Blocks Blocks are isolated track sections modelers use to help control multiple trains on the same layout. Real railroads often use blocks as well. These blocks are often marked by signals. Wiring your railroad for blocks has several advantages. By turning off blocks when not in use, you can store additional trains and reduce the draw on your power supplies in either conventional or command control. Installing breakers on separate blocks or loops can prevent a problem on one part of your layout from shutting down the entire platform.

How do you set up the Lionel Polar Express Train Track

The size of the wires also matters. Proper wiring for the transformer is a bit of a safety issue. A smooth running train is nice, but safety is a must. The convention is the same for the later or , they just use a different styled case. These transformers are extremely common, having been in nearly nonstop production from to

Save lionel train transformer to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + Items in search results” LIONEL ” TYPE ” TRAIN TRANSFORMER. ” THROTTLE, WHISTLE, DIRECTION. Postwar Lionel Trains 90 Watt Transformer with 2 Year Warranty See more like this # RECTIFIER DISC FOR MANY LIONEL TRAINS TRANSFORMERS –

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Diagrams of TMCC hookup with AF transformers

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Pinouts for wiring a Lionel transformer With the Lionel , the U post goes to the outer rail, and either the A or B post goes to the center rail. The convention is the same for the later or , they just use a different styled case.

How and where can I sell my trains? Another popular place is eBay which is an auction site and quite extensive but comes with costs associated with selling them. There are also national auction companies that specialize in selling trains. These national companies primarily deal in highly collectible trains and average run of the mill trains are of little interest to them, however.

You could also check with local hobby shops in your area or you might also be able to get a table at a local train show and sell them there. However, you will need to have done some research to do the pricing. Overprice them and you will take them home with you and be out the cost of the tables to boot. Lastly, you might try Craigslist or a for sale ad in your local newspaper to advertise them for sale.

I have a “bunch” of Lionel trains and accessories. Some are in “good” condition and others are dirty or rusty.

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Last night I spent some time setting up my sons HO set, he was pretty excited. I did have the wiring right, that’s good, seems I must have an engine issue. Everything was free rotating as free as expected and the engine hums but doesn’t go I’m wondering now if it doesn’t have a ground wire internally

Wiring your CW Transformer 4 For best performance on large layouts, it is recommended that you use gauge wire to connect your CW Transformer to the track. Use the stripped ends of the wires, banana plugs, or spade-shaped connectors on all CW Transformer connections, with no more than.

Discover the History of Lionel Trains Discover the History of Lionel Trains Joshua Lionel Cowen, an inventor with an entrepreneurial spirit, first introduced Lionel trains to the world when he set up an electric train in his store window to attract customers. Instead of perusing merchandise, most customers wanted the train itself, and Cowen began to build trains to keep up with demand.

You can categorize Lionel trains by time period: Pre-war Lionel trains — In , Lionel released a three-rail track it called standard-gauge. Soon other companies such as Ives and American Flyer began to build trains that ran on standard-gauge, which they called wide gauge. After World War I, Lionel, along with Flyer and Ives, began to manufacture smaller trains, called O gauge , in addition to their standard-gauge lines. Lionel weathered the Great Depression, releasing inexpensive products such as Mickey Mouse sets.

You can recognize pre-war trains by their metallic construction, colorful appearance, and hook couplers. Post-war Lionel trains —

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It’s prototypical looks — especially when coupled with one or two freight cars — makes for a very realistic scene on any layout. Many feel the is the premium crane car produced during the postwar era. Not only did Lionel’s model resemble a real-life Burro crane, but could performed many of the same functions. The crane can travel in forwards or reverve, can stand in a neutral position, the cab can rotate degrees and the hook can raise or lower based upon a unique internal assembly.

Lionel transformer hook-up. transformer). I tried to connect the transformer with the lockon’s, but get full speed on the loco regardless of the control position on the transformer, and no whistle or direction change, plus the TF started to get hot. I have no written material on the set at all. I had one lockon clip for power and.

All electric train layouts require attachment to a power source to make them operational. If you have acquired an older set of Lionel trains, successfully powering up the tracks will only require a few minutes of your time. Select a straight track section where you wish to install the Lighted Lock-On. Slide either outer rail into the metal lip of the Lock-On. It is located closest to the wiring thumbscrews. Press the lower edge of the center rail inside the metal clip near the end of the lock-on.

The track section is now firmly secured. Turn off or unplug the train transformer from the power outlet. Loosen the two thumbscrews on the Lock-On. Tighten down the thumbscrew ensuring good bare wire contact with the threaded post and a tight connection. Wrap the opposite end of the wire attached to the common grounding terminal around the post marked “2” on the Lock-On.

Lionel Train Powermax Transformer Kids and Family

This section shows how your can run your power directly from the transformer or from a TIU output through an MTH AIU switch to remotely control power to track or accessories. The AIU uses internal 10amp relays. Since this is the maximum amperage from the MTH Z transformer and other transformers you can essentially run power through and AIU switch to control or run anything on your layout including your trains as I did. Although you do not need to shut power off to your MTH or Lionel trains that use the digital control systems like TMCC for lionel and DCS for MTH, you may still want to power off conventionally controlled engines, reduce power consumptions particularly for lighted passenger cars or eliminate interference to your control system from other types of control systems.

Also, even though MTH engines can sit on a powered track and draw very little amps, the internal DCS hour meter does run, adding hours to you total hours used when it is not even running.

Aug 13,  · How to connect feed wires to Lionel tubular track using tap splice suitcase connectors.

It’s a good thing you asked, because your assumption is quite flawed. The whistle and direction handle on the has nothing to do with the terminals on the back of the unit. What you want to do is to connect the terminal marked U to the center rail, and the one marked A to the outside rail. The other combinations yield different voltages which should be marked on the back of the unit.

The direction control works by dropping the voltage on the rails to 0 which causes the reversing unit in the engine to cycle. The whistle control adds a small DC voltage to the AC track voltage, and triggers the whistle or horn in any units so equipt. If this is the only transformer you are using to power the track, you should have no trouble. If you are adding this transformer to another, there are precautions that need to be taken.

Tell us more about your layout, and we can make informed wiring recommendations. Leon is quite correct about the CTT forum being the best place to ask questions about 3 rail trains. However some of us do get around.

Wiring Your Layout

Posted by 8ntruck on Sunday, December 13, 1: Connecting post U and A to the track will porvide a variable voltage of 5 to 16 volts to control the speed of the train. With just one loop of track and one train, it does not matter which post is connected to which terminal on the lockon.

Feb 17,  · Remember if you pick up a couple of ZW transformers they must have 10 Amp circut breakers placed between the transformer and the DCS TIU. I love my Z4K’s but picking up a couple old ZW’s is definitely cost effective engineering.

Motts, I know these transformers very well. I have the instruction sheets. However you don’t need them. Let me state there are some errors in recent CTT magazine regarding these transformers, also errors in old Lionel instruction booklets. Most instructions correctly state U is to center rail on this transformer. I’ll start by saying U is not common on this transformer!!!

U must go to center rail only!! Repeat center rail only!!! One last time, U is to center rail. Just trust me on this. Ok, here is the straight deal This transformer is built with a coil with various taps that more or less form a series circuit.

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I’m not sure about the MTH transformer, but the doesn’t have any electronics to fry. The only trick with the (and other Lionels of that vintage) is to get them in phase. Basically, you need to have the AC on all the transformers going up at the same time and then down at the same time.

My original Lionel Santa Fe outfit was purchased new in In the ‘s, I added other Lionel train cars and accessories to my train layout. The front cover of the Lionel Consumer Catalog that lists my Lionel train outfit is shown below. The locomotive is a P powered “A” unit and is part of an F3 freight outfit. This locomotive has dual electric motors, magnetic wheels to improve traction Lionel called it “Magnetraction” , and a horn that runs on a 1.

This locomotive and the train outfit described below is over 50 years old. This train was given to me as a Christmas present around Prior to my ownership, this train set belonged to my cousin. Below is a picture of me on Christmas Day playing with this train. The photograph has been annotated to identify some of the train items in the picture.

How to Wire an Old Lionel Train Set

Tug test all connections as you wire. The mark on the transformer knob aligns for correct speed for the trolley. Note two wires on each terminal. The red and black wires from banana plugs have spade connectors under the transformer screw plates.

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Accesories Accesories The initial fun of watching a small train going round and round in a circle soon leads to boredom for most of us. Lionel had just the cure for that problem — accessories! Lots of them were created by their very talented engineers — ranging from small trackside signals to the massive and complicated Bascule Bridge. There were also coal loaders, newsstands, dispatch boards and the ubiquitous gateman to capture our attention. These are just a sampling of the many accessories provided by Lionel to enhance a layout.

The animation and sideline activity generated by these add-ons helped to transform a mundane starter set into a true model railroading empire. Click on any of the entries in the chart listed below. You’ll be presented with detailed information on the specific item. Every listing contains specific product data with a brief history of the item and at least one photo. Whether doing some serious research on model trains or simply taking a stroll down memory lane, take your time as you absorb the pages that follow.

Some of you will view the exact trains you had while growing up, some will recognize the trains your parents had, others will discover startling facts about the glory years of a company that has become a piece of Americana.

How to hook up wire the old timey 3 rail toy trains