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Male Posted 29 August – PM Well, more accurately, the title should be “are dedicated scout tanks useful anymore? Now, before everyone goes “jesus as a light tank you can do more than kill arty noob! In the past, when a tank would get lit up by a scout, it knew an artillery shell would soon follow. This effect was noticeable even in battles with no artillery. Now, with far fewer artillery pieces, a tank can stop, aim, fire, and pull off difficult deflection shots without fear of instant reprisal except on the most open maps. Even if there is artillery, the game has changed.


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Apr 05,  · Personally I hated the 12t and 13 75 (mostly due to matchmaking), but those tanks have their fans, and I still have the ELC. The IS4 line is good, but hasn’t been the same ever since the introduction of gold-shells-for-credits.

The enormous colonial empire of the Fourth Republic was splitting at the seams, and the creation of highly mobile and well armed airborne forces was a pressing issue for the French army. What stopped this tank from entering mass production? The first attempt at an airborne tank was made right after the war. In November of , a 12 ton tank project was completed, armed with a 75 mm gun.

The tank never got its wings, but further evolution of this design culminated with the AMX 13, the first truly mass produced French post-war tank, which is still in service in some countries. The next attempt at an airborne tank came almost 10 years later. Both companies made unusual vehicles, worthy of their own articles. Presented in March of , it was a two-seater vehicle armed with four mm recoilless rifles. Another project was proposed in July of , the Chenillette 6— SR.

The vehicle was radically redesigned and the armament was changed to six mm recoilless rifles. In both projects, the driver was positioned forward and the turret rotated fully. This design also did not progress further than paper. The hero of this piece was first drawn on April 27th,

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Jan 02,  · Problems since update – posted in Report a Bug!: Ever since the last big update with the ror added, the last 3 tanks i have bought (Churchill 1, AMX 13 75, BC 12t), i have not been given the years of service emblem after my first win, i see it rewarded to me but after i go to garage to apply it, its not there.

Back then the game was okay, but to the lack of content, i got bored of it, which is okay since some new patches had been coming out. However, it seems every single session i’m in 5 out of 5 today has hackers in them. Not only do they have god mode enabled, insta kill you or teleport you to places where you get stuck. They can now spawn a crap load of AI characters on top of your head and kill them all at the same time, causing your client to crash.

Theirs wont because they teleport away before they kill the characters. If that won’t work, they simple spawn an aircraft on top of your head so you can’t see. Swapping sessions doesn’t fix this so you’re forced to shutdown and restart the game. Which would be somewhat acceptable if the game didn’t have a 3 minute loading screen and regular disconnects. Also, i can’t report the player who does it, because he doesn’t show up at all. I am not aware of what action rockstar is taking against these people, or how it is even possible that these hacks can be applied so easily onto the online mode.

I’m not here to complain of blow off some steam, but two questions emerged when i had this bad experience: Has there been any official announcement from Rockstar about what they intend to do with these hackers? But the burning question: Why are these hacks possible to begin with?

12t Matchmaking

You form a platoon by inviting your friends into a platoon that you form, or by accepting their invitation. A platoon consistes of two or three players. This post is going to concentrate on a few basic principles regarding what tanks you should use.

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While every other rookie spent the day running errands, Harry was on stakeouts with Senior Aurors, or tracking villainous dark wizards to the Continent, or engaging in dangerous wand fights with said dark wizards.

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ST Series Ingersoll Rand ST Series Turbine Starters pack a powerful 47HP in a solid aluminum turbine motor based on the patented next generation technology from the rugged, long lasting, easy to service, high performing and efficient ST turbine starters. Built to withstand the toughest environmental and working conditions -; combining robust features and flexibility to deliver reliable, heavy-duty starting in a wide variety of industrial, oil and gas, marine, power generation, and mining applications.

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Posts about AMX 12t written by newbiechief. A platoon is a way of playing World of tanks with one or two friends. You form a platoon by inviting your friends into a platoon that you form, or .

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Worst tier 8 scout Batchat 12T..

Posted Oktober 29, at 8: In fact, this tank now suffers from being unable to attain its top speed easily, being nearly as slow as the infamous AMX 12t. However, not all hope is lost. The originally ridiculous traverse speed of the T has been buffed even FURTHER, making it extremely maneuverable, and terrain resistance has been reduced, helping it attain its former glory.

Update also features reworked matchmaking for the majority of vehicles. Now, players won’t face off against vehicles more than two tiers up than their own machine. This change was implemented to ensure a more enjoyable gameplay experience for both rookies and veterans, alike.

In my opinion, the ELC AMX is the most consistently incorrectly played tank in all of WoT, because players fail to adjust to its unique characteristics. Note I use silver ammo only. The most effective method of spotting in the ELC AMX is to find a position that provides you with a good field of view and adjacent hard cover. From such a position, you can spot tanks and fire on them, then pull back behind hard cover until you are invisible, at which point you can spot and shoot again.

If you are spotted after firing, you should immediately pull back behind hard cover until you are no longer spotted. In most cases, the enemy tanks will remain lit during that period. The better option is to maintain distance, setup a first-shot opportunity, rinse, and repeat. Against some taller tanks with poor gun depression e. Crew and Equipment Setup The recommended crew skills, in order of priority:

Worst tier 8 scout? Batchat 12T..