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Can I observe Uranus, Pluto, Neptune? Ann Wolfe Can I use Sky-Watcher erecting prism with this scope? Will it affect image quality? I’m also thinking about buying Levenhuk Super Plossl 6. You can also install the erecting prism — insert it into the eyepiece tube, it doesn’t affect image quality.

How to Use DSLR Camera as a Webcam

How to Pick A Camera Before you buy anything, ask yourself these questions: What kind of pictures do you want to take? What is the best kind of camera to take them with? How much do you want to spend?

It’s the first consumer telescope to use a built-in lithium-ion battery, so there’s no need to run power cables or carry extra batteries, given this will run for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Within seconds Autostar directs the ETX telescope to move automatically to the object and place it within the telescopic field of view with uncanny precision. Call-up of an object from the database is facilitated by Autostar’s simple menu options. For example, to enter NGC on the Autostar display, the observer selects in sequence and in a few seconds of keystrokes: Autostar’s display reads out telescope position RA and Dec.

In addition to database object selection and observation, Autostar permits a wide array of fascinating and educational capabilities: In the uncommon event that an object is not in Autostar’s database, enter the object’s RA and Dec.


How to Convert a Satellite Dish Into a Radio Telescope If you fancy trying your hand at radio astronomy, why not convert an old satellite dish. July 23, If you find yourself with an old 30 meter satellite communication antenna, what should you do with it? One option is to convert it into a radio telescope, which is exactly what astronomers at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand have done with an old dish lying around in the northernmost reaches of the country.

So what exactly do you have to do to convert a communications antenna into a radio telescope? Today, Lewis Woodburn at the Auckland University of Technology and a few pals, answer this question by detailing the process they have gone through to make the conversion.

NEW>>> LINX Power Panel. At only ” X ” X ” and only 7 ounces, it is small enough in size/weight to mount atop your telescope and delivers up to 30 Amps to your power hungry devices.

Posted 10 November – Its currently on a standard wedge and not goto. Now that i’m considering a better mount the natural progression is the rabbit hole into astrophotography, but at this time I really cannot afford the equipment that would most likely be expensive to be up to my expectations. Jon There are lots of options for EAA. I’m happy that I bought a camera before I invested in a mount!

Now that i’m considering a better mount the natural progression is the rabbit hole into astrophotography, The added benefit of having this work is that I can capture the images and hold onto the memories of my observations. There’s some beautiful image galleries using the Sony mirrorless cameras. Jon So you initial requirements and desire is not to do all the post-processing stacking, etc that long exposure AP’ers do with lots of subs, but the EAA style of Near-Real-Time- looking at a display with a picture and saving it for afterwards and memories?

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90MM F/ 2″ Refractor Astronomy Telescope OTA Double Speed for DSLR Photograph

Home Download Buy Help Support How to Use DSLR Camera as a Webcam If you don’t have a laptop with a built-in webcam or an external webcam or simply want to make the most of your digital camera capabilities like aperture adjusting for blurring your background , there is a way to adapt your digital camera as a webcam. Some digital cameras have ability to be used as webcams and are shipped with necessary webcam software, but most camera vendors don’t provide such software.

SparkoCam is the software that allows you to turn your Canon or Nikon camera into a standard webcam for video chats, conferencing, recordings, etc. Follow all installation steps carefully until the setup is complete. Turn camera on Once camera gets recognized by Windows you may see a notification in a system tray or a popup window about newly available device like the one below.

When a person sits motionless for hours on end in front of a television screen, it’s sloth; when a camera does the same, it’s art! Case in point, these beautiful long-exposure photographs of old Atari games by Rosemarie Fiore: Tempest (Atari, ).

Robert Berdan Pro wildlife photographer Peter A. Dettling sets up his tripod in front of Spirit Island, Jasper National Park before sunrise – a portable lightweight tripod was essential in this situation v isit Peter Dettlings web site to view his photographs. Choosing a tripod and tripod head is a bit like choosing a spouse – you need to take your time, do your research and if possible try them out before you commit to one.

If you are an avid nature photographer sooner or later you will want to own a tripod. I believe that any tripod is better then no tripod because even a cheap tripod will permit you to shoot certain subjects that are impossible without one. However, I also recommend you buy the best tripod you can afford.

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June 2, Filed under: A live view that also includes exposure compensation can also be handy in making sure your camera settings ISO, shutter speed are reasonably appropriate for bright targets like the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn. Low Thermal Sensitivity Professional astronomical cameras are actively cooled down to temperatures well below freezing.

This Deluxe kit is used to connect Canon DSLRs to most Telescopes accepting “Eyepieces. Included in this kit: Our Deluxe “Variable Eyepiece Projection” adapter, a “Prime Focus” adapter, a T-Ring to fit Canon DSLRs, a Parfocalizing ring and basic setup instructions.

Comment Since the dawn of time, the human race has seen mystery and intrigue around every corner. Mysterious events have been put down to the supernatural, the paranormal and even the extra-terrestrial. One things for sure, there have been a lot of unexplained mysteries over the centuries and with modern technology giving people greater access to photography and previously unexplored parts of the galaxy, there are bound to be plenty more cropping up. We’ve tracked down some of the most famous alien and monster photographs ever taken to show just how weird and wonderful the world can be.

This monster might well be the oldest of the unexplained mysteries on our list as the earliest reports of sightings date back to AD. Since that time, plenty of people have claimed to see the monster of the Loch but there have also been many false sightings, hoaxes and misidentifications that have included everything from trees to natural gases. An ancient visitor from outer space? It might be a bit of a stretch, but some have theorised that it’s not a mistake in the painting or a cloud in the sky because if you look carefully, you can see a man standing below staring up at the object.

The explosion flattened square miles of forest, toppling around 80 million trees and yet somehow resulted in no loss of human life. It has been theorised that the Tunguska event, as it has been designated, was caused by an air bursting meteoroid but no one really knows for sure. There was no impact crater, so the conjecture is simply that it broke up in the atmosphere somewhere between three and six miles above the Earth’s surface. The explosion is calculated to have been 1, times greater than that of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.

The Tunguska event has since lead to much discussion about asteroid impact avoidance , a growing fear of extinction-level events and has helped to spawn a multitude of science fiction films. Fraudsters took to manipulating their audiences with a variety of tricks and illusions aimed at duping them out of their hard-earned cash.

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Built in heater option for IPP-C If one night you prefer to connect to a 10 amp 12 vdc battery, you can. If you want to take the Imaging Power Panel to a one week star party and connect it to a amp battery, you can. There are no limitations. If your battery dies, you do not have to throw out Imaging Power Panel.

How to Use DSLR Camera as a Webcam If you don’t have a laptop with a built-in webcam or an external webcam or simply want to make the most of your digital camera capabilities (like aperture adjusting for blurring your background), there is a way to adapt your digital camera as a webcam.

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may want to know more about digiscoping. Here, we will take a look at everything you need to know about this practice in a simple-to-use guide to get you started. Digiscoping is the practice of connecting your digital camera or mobile phone to a spotting scope to help you get better pictures in a variety of situations.

This practice makes it much easier for many photographers to capture better images of birds, nature, and much more. Traditionally, this practice has been used the most by birdwatchers, however, there are plenty of other potential uses for this technology. Anytime you are looking to get breathtaking pictures of wildlife, nature, sports, and more with your camera, and just a bit more equipment, you can turn to digiscoping for some great results.

Attaching a DSLR to a Telescope with views of Jupiter and the Moon